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Share your CommBiz business account
Updated over a week ago

In most cases, connecting your CommBiz account to ACSISS My Data is usually a straightforward process.
However, if you don't see the business account you intend to connect, this means that you haven't chosen at leas one delegate for your CommBiz account.

Nominate a delegate

CommBank requires businesses to choose at least one delegate before data can be shared to third parties. A delegate can share some of your business data with accredited organisations such as ACSISS MY Data without further approval.

To choose a delegate, follow the steps in this help article from CommBank.
After designating a delegate for your account, the delegate will be able to link your CommBiz account and provide ACSISS My Data with the necessary consent to access your bank data.

For further details, you can visit CommBank's page dedicated to open banking or reach out to CommBank directly.

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