Share your Bendigo Bank business account
Updated over a week ago

In most cases, connecting your Bendigo Bank account to ACSISS My Data is usually a straightforward process.

However, if you don't see the business account you intend to connect, you'll need to take extra steps.

Assign sharing privilege

If you do not own the account you wish to share, you can be assigned the right to share data.

In cases where the account is owned by one or more individuals, any of the account owners can assign this privilege via their e-banking. This privilege can only be extended to an individual who already has transactional access to the account.

In cases where the owner is an organisation, individuals can be appointed to share data on behalf of the organisation. This is a staff-assisted process and you should reach out to Bendigo Bank directly so they can help you with this process.

Once you have the privilege to share data, you can connect the account to ACSISS My Data.

For further details, you can visit Bendigo Bank's page dedicated to open banking or reach out to Bendigo Bank directly.

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