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Share your BOQ business account
Updated over a week ago

In most cases, connecting your Bank of Queensland (BOQ) account to ACSISS My Data is usually a straightforward process.

However, if you don't see the business account you intend to connect, you'll need to take extra steps.

Add a Nominated Representative

Non-individual data sharing is disabled by BOQ by default. Organisations can authorise a Nominated Representative to share a business entity’s banking data with accredited service providers such as ACSISS.

To add a Nominated Representative, authorised representatives of the business entity need to complete the Open Banking – Data Sharing Form for Business Entities and return or email it to their nearest BOQ Branch or Business Banker for validation.

Once authorised, the Nominated Representative will be able to connect your BOQ business account to ACSISS My Data

For further details, you can visit BOQ's page dedicated to open banking or reach out to BOQ directly.

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