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Connect your business bank account
Share your ANZ Internet Banking business account
Share your ANZ Internet Banking business account
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In most cases, connecting your ANZ Internet Banking account to ACSISS My Data is usually a straightforward process.

However, if you don't see the business account you intend to connect, you'll need to take extra steps.

Appoint a Nominated Representative

You'll need to appoint a representative for your account. Your ANZ Internet Banking's Administrators can appoint one or more individuals to be Nominated Representative to share data on behalf of the business.

A Nominated Representative can give consent to ACSISS My Data to access your ANZ Internet Banking account's data.

To appoint a Nominated Representative, follow the steps in this help article from ANZ.

After appointing a nominated representative for your account, the representative will be able to connect your ANZ Internet Banking account and provide ACSISS My Data with the necessary consent to access your bank data.

For further details, you can visit ANZ's page dedicated to open banking or reach out to ANZ directly.

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