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Why isn’t my bank account available to share?
Why isn’t my bank account available to share?
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There are several reasons why a bank account may not be available for sharing, and understanding these reasons can help address any issues. Here are some potential reasons and their possible solutions:

Multiple profiles with the bank

If you have multiple registrations or client numbers with the bank, it's possible that different accounts are linked to each user or registration. Check if you have different profiles and ensure you're accessing the correct one.

Role requirement for consent

In the case of business accounts, each user may need to have the appropriate role added to give consent for data sharing. The process to add this role varies across banks and may involve online settings, completing a form, or visiting a local branch.

Bank's implementation status

Some banks may be in the process of implementing sharing functionality for certain types of accounts, such as business accounts or sharing with secondary users. Refer to the Bank's FAQ or contact the bank for specific information and timelines.

Disabled sharing for joint accounts

By default, any account owner of a joint account can give consent for sharing. However, the bank may have settings to disable sharing. Check the Joint Account Management settings through the bank's website or mobile app to determine if sharing is enabled.

Unlinked online profile

If your online banking or mobile app login does not have access to the bank account you want to share, the account will not be listed. Contact the bank to ensure your online profile is linked to the account.

Account listed as blocked or unavailable

In some cases, banks may have implemented functionality where account owners can block certain accounts from being shared. This is more common for business-like accounts when a nominated representative or secondary user tries to share data. However, it's important to investigate the other reasons mentioned above before considering this possibility.

If you encounter any issues, it's recommended to contact your bank for further assistance and clarification based on their specific processes and policies.

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